Micronit and iX-factory have merged

“Both companies have unique and synergetic technical capabilities, the combination of which will result in an expanded portfolio offering. iX- factory brings important capabilities such as Deep Reactive Ion Etching of silicon and glass allowing the fabrication of high aspect ratio structures for MEMS and microfluidics applications. Furthermore, this second ISO-certified manufacturing plant creates an improved contingency for our clients in the rapidly scaling microfluidics and MEMS industries. This is a significant step forward in our growth strategy,” said Ronny van’t Oever, CEO of Micronit Microfluidics B.V.

“For iX-factory the merge significantly widens our range of capabilities. Micronit’s design and high volume manufacturing capabilities combined with iX-factory’s experience in silicon and silicon/glass micromachining provides more and interesting new options for our clients. The synergy in sales and marketing puts us in a stronger position with an improved value proposition for our increasing customer base.” said Dominique Bouwes, CEO of iX-factory.

Both companies, based in The Netherlands and Germany, will closely integrate their strengths and synergies which will certainly benefit their customers.

They will work closely with their clients, partners, suppliers and employees to ensure a smooth transition. Financial details and other terms were not disclosed.

About Micronit

Micronit Microfluidics B.V., founded in 1999, is a dynamic and innovative High-Tech company that designs, develops, produces and sells lab-on-a-chip and MEMS products to academic and industrial customers all over the world. These products are - for instance - used in DNA analysis, medical tests, analytical instrumentation and also in space technology. Micronit focuses on the total development process of microfluidic devices, from design to high-volume manufacturing and is considered a worldwide leader in microfluidics.

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