Webinar Let's make droplets! - 2 June


The spotlights are on lab-on-a-chip technology these days. Understandable, because many solutions concerning COVID-19 revolve around this technology. Labs-on-chips not only play a vital part in the tests that point out whether someone is infected with the virus, but also in the process of unravelling the genetic code of the virus in order to develop a vaccine.

The underlying technology for labs-on-chips is microfluidics. It is indispensable in procedures such as DNA sequencing and single cell analysis and it forms the basis of point-of-care products that enable the decentralization of diagnostics.

June 2, Erik Linnartz will share his knowledge about this vital technology with you. Please attend his hands-on webinar 'Let's make droplets!'. The duration of this webinar will be about 45-60 minutes.

About the presenter

In 2015, Erik Linnartz joined Micronit as R&D Design Engineer. His current position is Technical Product Manager, which he has been fulfulling since January 2018. With a background in science and a passion for communication, Erik also made several explanatory videos for Micronit. Erik received his master’s degree in Applied Physics at the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands) in 2014.


Register for this webinar here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Micronitwebinar

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