MEMS Foundry Service

As MEMS Foundry we provide technical services within the microsystems technology sector. "MEMS" is an abbreviation of "micro-electromechanical systems".

Micronit GmbH does not place own products on the market, but only fabricates customised solutions. This enables us to guarantee a 100 percent Intellectual Property Protection (IP).

As MEMS Foundry Service Provider we are your partner for MEMS or Microfluidic Chips. We perform first test runs, do prototyping, post processing on CMOS waferand fabricate your chips in high volume.

Professional Expertise & Project Experience

Well-known research institutes and companies realise their project work with us. Through many years of experience of our experts and state-of-the-art technologies, we implement your ideas flexibly and professionally.

Our customers come from different branches such as biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy, analytics, automotive, environment, tele- and data communication, life sciences, apparatus engineering, aerospace and optics. Depending on the field and the application the microsystems technology has to satisfy the various requirements and offers different solutions.

The Starting Point: Glass and Silicon Wafers from 100 mm to 200 mm

  • Using glass and silicon wafers or post processed CMOS Wafer we fabricate microchips for different applications like lab-on-a-chip, micro reactors, micro mixers as well as MEMS structures like sensors and actuators or BioMEMS.
  • Depending on the requirements we chose the suitable material or material combination. We calculate the optimum wafer size for you – always in regard to a cost efficient fabrication and at the same time a high functionality.

When do You Benefit from Our MEMS Foundry Service?

  • You need professional support with the implementation of your idea into a product.
  • We advance your product or develop it ready for batch production.
  • You need support in the fabrication through a MEMS Foundry Service.
  • You own a clean room, but you do not have the facilities and processes needed.
  • You need support in developing or fabrication, because you lack the capacity in your facilities.
  • You are looking for a reliable partner, who is available as second source.

Your requirements are implemented individually in our clean rooms.

If you have any questions or requests, please call +49 (0) 231 88 68 077