Design / Prototyping

Additionally to MEMS Foundry Service, personal expert advise, as well as further peripheral accessories around the chip, we offer development and fabrication to you too.

Based on your needs and goals, we adapt the services to your requirements. We offer various solutions from development to prototyping and further to high volume production.

You Need a Design?

Together with you we develop the design for your project in the field of MEMS and / or microfluidics. For this your information e.g. related to the market, the policies and durability will be included.

How is your idea realized? Temporary product specifications are determined in order to verify the feasibility of the idea. Then, the design and the processes are planned. In order to ensure an error-free and timely fabrication, the processes are tested in computer controlled processes in advance. When needed, iteration loops will be done. This way an error free and timely fabrication can be ensured. Thus together in close coordination we can realise your idea step by step.

Mask Service – if You already Have an Existing Design

We offer our mask service for MEMS and microfluidics structures. This is useful if you already know your design but still need a mask drawing and / or additionally the mask. Here, we gladly take these steps for you and integrate them into all process operations.

If you have a ready design in the file formats CIF, GDS-II or DXF, you can send it to us and we will prepare the mask file as basis for the mask fabrication for you.

Development of Prototypes – Customized Prototyping

The Steps of Prototype Development

  • Design
  • Feedback
  • Re-Design
  • Feedback
  • Final Prototype

After the initial design has been fabricated in a prototyping run, the chips can be tested. Experience has shown that often additional functionalities arise as a result. Based on this information we provide new or advanced specifications, so that a subsequent re-designed prototype can be produced. Thereby, several feedback loops serve to integrate your ideas and requests for changes.

If you have any questions or requests, please call +49 (0) 231 88 68 077