Batch Production

You have the idea and we implement your microchips in series for you.

We fabricate highly qualitative microfluidic, optic and micro mechanic structures in glass and / or silicon individually for you.

Micronit works with the newest technologies in the company's own clean room. These technologies are multidisciplinaryly applied for the fabrication of specific chips adapted to your requirements.

On Schedule and Reliable in the Number You Require

  • Micronit fabricates in small numbers as well as in quanitity. You as our customer specifies the required number.
  • We gladly process you pre-structured wafers and supplement the missing process steps.
  • The fabrication in own cleanrooms of Micronit and the careful selection of raw materials allow the continuous control of the processes.
  • This guaranties a constant quality as well as the steady supply of your microchips.

It is highly important for us to guarantee the protection of your intellectual property (IP) absolutely in order to keep your drive of innovation and ideas up.

After the successful design creation and mask fabrication, the chip fabrication can start directly.

If you have any questions or requests, please call +49 (0) 231 88 68 077