The development of recent years make the fabrication of complex systems possible with more and diverse functionality in smallest devices for ever more challenging applications. BioMEMS fulfill these high expectations. The reason is the intelligent integration of many components and the use of new materials. These developments offer many advantages for BioMEMS.

BioMEMS is the abbreviation of "biomedical or biological micro-electromechanical systems". They are commonly used as components for different lab-on-a-chips.

A Wide Variety of Applications based on BioMEMS

  • As these examples show, BioMEMS can be applied in many areas. BioMEMS provide advantages in food chemistry through µTAS (micro total analysis systems), in the pharmaceutical industry through High Throughput Screenings (HTS) or for the detection of viruses and bacteria (SPR – Surface Plasmon Resonance and others). Furthermore, BioMEMS are applied in neuronal stimulations and detection, for the fabrication of nano-surgery devices or for artificial micro organ cell culture systems for the research of toxicity.

  • With the generation of droplets in a Microfluidic Droplet Generator (MFDG) reactions in smallest volumes are possible and consequently different variations of mixtures in the droplets can be analysed within shortest time. This procedure allows cost-efficient parallelized mass screening on droplet chips.

  • BioMEMS support the research and industry, among others, in solving problems in molecular biology effectively. In addition, BioMEMS can be used for diagnostic analytics, therapy and monitoring such as pre-clinical research of therapeutic effect of drugs through Tissue Engineering, point-of-care analysis or vitality monitoring.

  • Products in which BioMEMS or intelligent microfluidics have big influences, are not limited to clinical diagnostics and pharmacy development, but are also applicable in the areas of biochemistry, biotechnology, surgery, combinatorial chemistry and environment protection.

Micronit fabricates your individual BioMEMS Chip for you, independently in which field you are working.

The technologies employed for BioMEMS are based on the combination of MEMS and microfluidic. In microfluidic research flows of fluidics through defined channels, heating, detection and further processing is done like for example sorting of cell or bio molecules.

The Benefits of BioMEMS

  • Low costs through minimized material consumption
  • Economy of time through lower complexity
  • Precise control of sensitive process parameters
  • Parallelisation and automation of fabrication processes
  • Numerous new applications through totally new evaluation of influences in the microscopic area

Special Requirements for Packaging

For some applications it is necessary to apply locally a biological coating to the chips for example a coating with specific bio molecules.

This is specifically challenging in regard to the last processing step – the chip packaging. As biological substances are highly sensitive to temperature, common packaging methods in microsystems technology would destroy the coating and thus the functionality. Only through our special bonding techniques at room temperature, bonding with intermediate layer or low temperature anodic bonding, we can solve these problems. Thus biologic coated chip components can be packaged successfully.

Longstanding Competence of Micronit

As specialist in the fabrication of MEMS and microfluidic components, Micronit already supported renowned institutes, universities and organizations successfully with customised solutions for specific BioMEMS applications. The application of multidisciplinary technologies allows technical innovation and moreover an efficient fabrication of highest quality also in low volumes. Further, our technologies offer the highest level of flexibility and there is no limit to the individuality of the design.

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