Integrated Optical Devices – MOEMS

Integrated optical devices allow i.a. the optical signal evaluation through miniaturised lens systems at chip level. Through the analysis the attenuation resp. the influences of external factors are minimized thus allowing a more sensitive measurement.


Applications of MOEMS

  • Polarisers
  • Wave guides
  • Beam splitter
  • Filter
  • Ring-resonators
  • Switches
  • Amplifiers
  • Optic-parametric oscillators
  • Sensor screens

Intregrated optical devices offer a high functionality in a wide wavelength range – for example from 405 nm to 2.35 µm. Different components can be fabricated. In a microfluidic system as well the addition of an integrated optic – optofluidic device – opens pathways to new analytical techniques and thus the way for the implementation of innovative application.

Basis material is quartz glass like fused silica, more cost efficient borosilicate glass or silicon. Within the framework of a ZIM project (ZIM= Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand / The Central Innovation Program for SME) supported by the AiF GmbH – Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy – Micronit developed a special dry etch process, which allows the fabrication of lenses or lens arrays in float glass resp. borofloat glass. The advantage is that these glass types can be bonded anodically to silicon and allow a directed local focus resp. light amplification.

Micronit fabricates lenses of various dimensions customized to your individual requirements. The lenses find applications for example in laser technology, in ray-tracing for projectors or for CCD sensors in cameras.

Integrated Waveguides

For integrated wave guides various technologies are applied. The TriPleXTM technology is a new form of low-loss waveguides for optical signals consisting of silicon nitride and silicon oxide. It is one of the three most applied integrated optics worldwide. On the basis of their fabrication TriPleXTM wave guides can be integrated optimally into CMOS structures on silicon or quartz glass.

Miniaturised Lens Systems

As expert in the miniaturization of systems, we support you with our know-how in the development, fabrication and integration of optical chips. We offer innovative technologies in the areas of diagnostics, metrology, sensor technology and telecommunication.

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