Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidics is a field in science which deals with the physical properties of fluids and gases in small volumes – capillary forces as passive force or driven by valves and pumps through active force.

Chemical reactions for example take place precisely within a short timeframe. Substances, particles, cells are measured, observed and manipulated.

The technique allows highly efficient devices at low manufacturing costs. More importantly various functions can be integrated into one microchip, that is different chemical, biological or biochemical processes can take plane in one chip, consecutively or simultaneously. The advancement of the market of microfluidics will lead to the automatization of the optimised processes.

Applications at a Glance

  • Mobile Diagnostics (Point of Care)
  • Analytics
  • Biology / Biotechnology
  • Chemistry / Nano-Pharmaceutics
  • Personalised Medicine / Therapy

Microfluidics is an application oriented and a multidisciplinary field with a steadily growing market. It commands an enormous potential in research and development at universities and research institutions, in medical as well as other industrial technical application fields. Novel and innovative ideas in basic questions in biology, medicine, physical chemistry and in the material science become possible through ever growing advancements in microfluidics.

Efficient through Individual Solutions

Whether life science, chemistry, medicine or bio technology – the team of Micronit implements the optimal solution for your individual area of application.

This applies for the development and fabrication of microfluidic chips in general as well as specialized chips for lab-on-a-chip, BioMEMS, microreactors  or optofluidics. Our motto is: Customised solutions are our core competencies.

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