Microreactors are small powerhouses. They are used in chemical and biochemical applications and make them more energy efficient, more productive and safer. Especially important are micro reactors where adverse, dangerous resp. ecological harmful by-products occur.

Especially the innovative industry of nano-pharmaceutics is only economic viable through the employment of micro reactors. The manufactured nanoparticles allow for example new medicines for highly specialized therapies or complete therapy systems like drug targeting. The medication id brought to the specific place in the body and is released there. The biotechnology profits from the employment of nanoparticles too.

With our broad range of fabrication techniques to manufacture three dimensional structures and channels the Micronit GmbH supports her customers in the development of economically viable micro and meso reactors. They can be deployed efficiently in laboratories, research institutions and in the industry.

Flow chemistry – "tamed" Chemistry in Micro Reactors

  • In flow chemistry the employment of micro reactors enable reactions, which would be inefficient or extremely poisonous when performed in batch production, or would not be possible at all. Microreactors are used in research and for the production of chemical, biochemical or pharmaceutical materials.
  • The scaling of micro reactors is the decisive factor, the advantage of fast and efficient mixing and heat transmission which takes place. The particular surface – volume relation in microreactors allows a precise control of especially exothermic chemical reactions.
  • The automatization allows a quick variation in the conditions of the chemical reaction. Additionally a reaction in a flow reactor can be started within seconds. This enables a production on demand with varying volumes. Transport and storing is more cost efficient.

High Performance in Smallest Dimensions

Microreactors have channels of sub micron diameters up to 3.000 µm and more, so called meso reactors. With the mixing of the chemical components the reaction starts, whether the components are gaseous, fluid or solid.

The substances are continuously fed into the system. The small volume of the reactors allow a better process control and limits the process risks. Through the adjustment of the design of the microreactor it is possible to optimize the output of the different reactions. The integration of special micro mixing structures within one reactor allows an effective diffusion within milliseconds and a further shortening of the reaction time. In catalytic reactions the total selectivity of the end product can be more than doubled. The energy consumption as well as the material input can be reduced by up to 50 %.

The Advantages of Micro Reactors at a Glance

  • Exact control of the temperature
  • Precise fine-tuning of the reaction time
  • Fast mixing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimised selectivity
  • Reduced amount of by-products
  • Reduced raw material

Your Application, our Microreactors

Based on your individual requirements Micronit fabricates microreactors of glass and silicon or combination of both.

Microreactors have two or more layers depending on the application. We adjust our technologies to your ideas and your requirements thus achieving the best suitable result for you, reliable and efficient.

Further information, how permanent and temporary bonding techniques lead to microreactors which are lasting, robust and biocompatible against chemicals and at the same time cost efficient you will find in the article 'Waferbonden von Silizium und Glas' in the journal Mikroproduktion 02/13.

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