Optofluidics combines microfluidics with optics: optimized microfluidic systems are enhanced through the integration of optical elements and thus optimized in regard to their field of application. New analysis techniques are possible and pave the way to innovative applications.

The interaction of different optical functionalities open up a wide field of bio medical, bio technological and chemical application areas.


Microlenses in a microfluidic chip can be applied to improve an existing measuring system. Through direct integration into the surface of the microfluidic chip and the connection to an optical signal evaluation system much smaller  measuring set-up and measurments direct within the microfluidic channel (in situ) can be realized. The focus of the micro lens determines the sensitivity of the measuring system.


With the assembly of wave guides the optical signal transmission can be done over long distances without amplifier. Furthermore through the coupling of light of special wave lengths photo catalytic reactions can be controlled specifically. Objective is a more selective and efficient production in chemistry and bio chemistry.

Sensor Windows

Integrated sensor windows are used i.a. for the coupling of laser light with the assistance of optical fibers. Through precise positioning and alignment they guarantee an efficient and low-loss signal transmission.

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