Protection of Your Designs and Processes

You want to realise your project work in the cleanroom of Micronit in Dortmund? You have already developed a design and use our MEMS Foundry Service to implement it. In these or comparable situations the immediate question of the protection of your IP crops up, i.e. your scientific research and ideas.

Intellectual Property Protection (IP) comprises ...

  • Comprehensive nondisclosure agreements to protect your IP
  • Validity far past the end of the project cooperation
  • Complete protection of your ideas, processes and designs
  • Secure and independent work in the own cleanroom of Micronit
  • Professional exchange of knowledge with the team of Micronit – ensuring utmost secrecy from the beginning

Your Special Advantage at Micronit

The cleanrooms of Micronit are exclusively reserved for you. That means in effect that your documents and tests are not accessible to third parties. The work in own cleanrooms turns out to be a great advantage in the scientific praxis – your staff move around without being constricted and without disturbing precautionary measures.

If you have any questions or requests, please call +49 (0) 231 88 68 077