The coating of silicon or glass substrates is conducted through chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The process produces pure, high-performance and strong materials.

Deposion layers are used in MEMS devices and structured in subsequent process steps. In microfluidic devices the process is applied as well.

The Following Technologies are Applied

Plasma Deposition – PECVD

  • Oxide (LF/HF)
  • Nitride (LF/HF)
  • Silicon-oxynitride (definded adjustable refractive index / tension)

Furnace Processes

  • Wet oxidation
  • Dry oxidation
  • Annealing
  • Doping
  • Stoichiometric nitride
  • Stress resistant nitride
  • LPCVD poly silicon

Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Depositions of a few nm to 15 µm
  • Controlled refractive index
  • Adjustable stress



  • Ultra high contrast waveguides
  • Mechanical protection layers
  • Chemical protective layers (passivation)
  • Electrical and thermal isolation
  • Masks for wet etching with KOH and TMAH
  • Masks for dry etching / DRIE
  • Membranes (10 nm - 1 µm)

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