International MicroNanoConference 2019, December 10-11

iMNC 2019: where industry meets science

The 14th edition of the international MicroNanoConference will take place December 10-11, at the SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands.

A team from Micronit will be there and available for a talk about our involvement in the field of microsystems and nanotechnology.

Micronit’s Brigitte Bruijns will talk about the use of microfluidic devices in forensic research (10 December, 11.50 am) and R&D Scientist Sandro Meucci will give a poster presentation (10 and 11 December, during coffee and lunch breaks).

The international MicroNanoConference 2019 focuses on Dutch and international businesses, universities and research centers and offers an opportunity to bring these areas together to stimulate cooperation, knowledge and innovation.

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